Wanda Kościa



Award winning freelance documentary film maker


Researching, producing and directing - I have worked on countless high-end, award winning, television series and single documentaries for the BBC, UK Channel Four and Discovery. Specialising in recent history, my work ranges from hard politics to human interest.

I have grilled political leaders for PUTIN, RUSSIA AND THE WEST (BBC), veterans of the CIA and KGB in INTELLIGENCE TO PLEASE (Discovery) and sought out personal testimonies from the most dramatic and horrific events of the last century. Young soldiers describe their first traumatic experience of war in DUNKIRK - THE SOLDIERS’ STORY (BBC), survivors of the gulags revealed their past for the first time in THE HAND OF STALIN (BBC). The latest film I produced and directed uncovers painful memories of a little known wartime massacre in Western Ukraine in MY FRIEND THE ENEMY, which premiered at IDFA in mid-length competition in November 2014.